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Blossom Exhibit

April 28th-May 31st

Meet the Artists

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Shelly Swann (Fairywulf) is a children’s book illustrator and muralist based in Portland, Oregon. She is represented by Jemiscoe Chambers-Black at the Andrea Brown Literary Agency. Shelly has been drawing since childhood, but began her illustration career in 2019. Since then, she has illustrated books, worked on zines, participated in art shows, local events, and much more. Her art can be found in various shops and galleries in the PDX area. In her free time, Shelly enjoys playing guitar, reading, singing, and camping. In 2020, she graduated from California State University, East Bay, with a BA in English Literature. Shelly aims to inspire people of all ages with her art, and empower her community through hosting artist meetups, educational workshops, and collaborative events.


Rowan Kingsbury is a Portland, OR based illustrator, maker, and storyteller creating work full of wonder, warmth, and whimsy. Whether she’s breaking out the paints or working digitally, she loves to make playful art of cute animals, lovely plants, fantastical stories, and everyday people that fill the viewer with warmth and elevate mundane moments into the memorable and magical. Rowan enjoys working on and has completed projects in children’s and young adult publishing, galleries, and product and merch design. She particularly enjoys working on projects with cute, nature focused, or fantastical themes, and as a queer illustrator, loves opportunities to feature inclusive stories. When she isn’t creating, she’s probably cooking up something new in the kitchen, reading her hoard of books, or trying to find the nearest cat to bother.

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Cosmic Bug is the moniker of artist Brooklyn Paige. Brooklyn produces vibrant artwork inspired by her reverence of nature and our interconnectedness. Through her creative practice, she seeks to alleviate suffering in the world and spread joy by deepening our connection to the physical world, ourselves, and each other.

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Chamisa Kellogg is a Portland-based illustrator and art director with a love of plants and gardening. She enjoys exploring the wonders of botanical forms in her personal work, usually with a magical or whimsical twist. See more of Chamisa's work on instagram @studio.chamisa


Finn Edelson (Sun Moss Art) is a multi-media artist from Sedona, AZ. They've lived in Portland for the past 6 years and have fallen in love with the art community they found out here. The work they create is centered around evoking feelings of whimsy, comfort, and warmth. They believe everyone deserves to feel a daily sprinkle of companionship and they strive to provide that through their art. As someone who's also heavily inspired by mythology and blending folklore with reality, they love to try and turn the mundane into magic!

Faunwood- Miranda's headshot photo.jpeg

Miranda Zimmerman (Faunwood) uses inspiration from nature and her background in science to create intricate and dreamlike creatures.  Her work invites the viewer to explore a world where the lines between science and fiction are blurred.

Miranda graduated from California State University–Monterey Bay with a bachelor's degree in Evolutionary Biology.  She then went on to acquire her graduate certificate in Science Illustration, and spent three months working on paleontological reconstruction at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.  She now resides in the Pacific Northwest, taking on freelance work and creating creatures to fill her fictional universe.
Clients include Oculus Rift, The Field Museum, and independent researchers.

Taking Up Space Exhibit

June 2nd-30th

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Taking Up Space or T.U.S. is a Grassroots Community Global Art Exhibition for Artists of Genders Underrepresented in the Art World. This is a Thrive Together Network initiative in which:

"We believe the work we create as women artists is important and deserves to be seen by our communities. We also believe we don't need to wait for permission, approval, invitations or gatekeepers to let our art be seen by the world. Taking Up Space or T.U.S. is a Grassroots Female Focused Community Global Art Exhibition. We ask the artists in our communities to take up space and exhibit their work in (or close to) the month of May each year."


The Taking Up Space Exhibit features the solo work of artist Madeleine Camille Meyer. Madeleine is drawn to the contrast of soft fibers connected to ceramic and utilizing them to tell these stories. Many have experienced both the sharp, firm moments of life as well as the soft warm ones, and the work Madeleine does presents the culmination of those moments, reminding viewers that moments are not the sum, rather a small fraction coming together to make something greater. Her work prompts us to settle into the stories of ourselves and our communities, to actively partake in those communities but also rest in them. 


Find out more about her work at

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