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IMG_4454 - Jaydon Aydelotte.JPG

Jaydon Aydelotte

  • Instagram

Raised in rural Oregon, Jaydon has been a visual storyteller from a young age. They graduated in 2023 from Pacific Northwest College of Art at Willamette University. Their work lives in picture books, editorial magazines, and product designs. Known for their whimsical illustrations, their art focuses on themes of nature, mental health, and queerness. Bright colors, distinct textures, and simple shapes embody their style.

Daniela Barrios
Paper Rat Illustrations

  • Instagram

Paper Rat Illustrations aims to create a world filled with whimsy by bringing her illustrations and crochet skills to life. From silly stickers and adorable enamel pins to crochet keychains, Danny strives to capture the essence of wonder in her work, inviting individuals to embrace their inner child and to find delight in the small and magical moments within their everyday lives.

Screenshot_20231117-213841 (1) - Vicky Beaudry.png

Victoria Beaudry

Space Alien Creations

  • Instagram

Space Alien Creations is the artistic persona of Victoria Beaudry, who is a self taught artist that enjoys creating art using a wide range of media. She creates art that is inspired by her favorite things, such as; space, holidays, nature, and the unknown. Over the past couple of years she has perfected her tufting skills, dabbled into the world of digital art, brightened canvases with acrylic paint, and much more. She hopes you enjoy her artistic offerings and feel inspired to create art of your own!

Lil_ Planets Headshot - Joel Conroy.png

Joel Conroy
Lil' Planets

  • Instagram

Launched in 2012, Lil’ Planets is an ongoing photography series featuring mesmerizing 360º panoramic images by Portland-based artist Joel Conroy. Lil’ Planets redefines perceptions of environments, isolating each location into a captivating, self-contained world like you’ve never seen before!

312902838_10221466933172548_7102960940706323469_n - Darrah Culp.jpg

Darrah Cup

  • Instagram

Darrah Culp is inspired by the beauty and color found in nature and ordinary objects. Her art translates the beauty she sees onto canvas and paper with expressive brushstrokes and vibrant color by using acrylic and gouache paints.

IMG_20231104_105557_345 - Rebecca _ Craig Demeter.jpg

Rebecca & Craig Demeter
Backseat Window

  • Instagram

Backseat Window is the creative collaboration of Portland wood and fiber artists Rebecca and Craig Demeter. Together, they make woodburned, rayon-flocked acrylic paintings on reclaimed wood. Rebecca and Craig draw inspiration from 70s psychedelic art with a retro future vibe. Their colorful multitextural work explores consciousness, perception and connection to the natural and cosmic worlds.

B1E06F3B-EE36-4464-B5F3-C4B7BAD40DE1 - Sailor.jpeg

Sailor Elliott
Hey Sailor

  • Instagram

Sailor has been sewing & creating since early childhood. They like to focus on creating art that inspires & fulfills your inner child. Their favourite medium to work with is felt, but they don’t shy away from beading, painting, embroidery & trying new things when the inspiration hits. They hope their work makes you smile.


Kimberlee Frederick
Unreal City PDX

  • Instagram

Kimberlee Frederick is a Portland collage artist working in both digital and analog formats. Her collages fixate on surreal and dreamy versions of our bodies, our inner worlds, and our outer lives. Her work strives sometimes to evoke wistfulness, sometimes anguish, and often the tension between the two—she operates under the suspicion that the good stuff lives where it all overlaps.

3-_SAC1895 - GNDR SHREDR_edited.jpg

Alex Gray

  • Instagram

Alexandre Ezra Gray is a multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer currently residing in Portland, Oregon. Alex's work is characterized by its boldness, playfulness, and ability to surprise and delight. They are always pushing the boundaries of what design is and looking for new ways to connect with their audience.

pic of me - kayla juniper mae.jpeg

Kayla Juniper Mae

Inner Frog

  • Instagram

Kayla Juniper Mae (they/them) is an artist and the creator of Inner Frog. Much of their art draws from their experience of being queer, trans, and disabled. Their vision with Inner Frog is to make art for survivors, softies, and weirdos, often using colorful, empowering, and silly designs.

IMG_3882 - Gigi Johnston.jpg

Gigi Johnston
Gigi Johnston Art

  • Instagram

Gigi Johnston is the ceramic artist behind Gigi Johnston Art, based out of Portland, Oregon. Their love for clay started with their first hand building class at Northern Virginia Community College in January 2013, where they went on to earn their A.A.A. in Fine/Studio Arts in 2016. Since then they have done work/studies at several pottery studios, produced production pottery for another artist, and have taught youth and adult pottery classes and workshops in Washington, DC and Portland. Gigi’s ceramic style covers the whole spectrum between creepy and cute by incorporating things like skulls and anatomical parts with delicate florals, wings and lots pink and gold. Gigi finds inspiration everywhere, especially in the things you only see out of the corner of your eye.

BDF85D52-7832-48F6-B87F-2C346E29F408 - Jasmine Mattingly.jpeg

Jazz Mattingly

  • Instagram

Jazz Mattingly is a self-taught artist living in Vancouver, WA. Through the use of acrylic paint and watercolor, she explores the human form, making people the main subject of her work. Often she depicts people using vibrant colors and exaggerated poses to convey their individuality.

DSC_7920 - Madeleine Meyer.jpg

Madeleine Meyer
Madeleine Camille Art

  • Instagram

Madeleine Camille, a queer ceramic artist based in Portland, merges playfulness and beauty in her work. With almost two decades of pottery experience and a decade of teaching, she explores the balance between tactile practicality and visual allure. From instructing at studios and community centers to residencies with the Thrive Together Network, Madeleine now focuses on presenting her art in Portland and online and sharing her love for clay with others.

20230407_193554 - Love Wootton.jpg

Love Naomi

  • Instagram

Love Naomi is a queer and chronically ill artist and creator who is new to selling work in Portland, Oregon. She is excited to be a part of the Variable Creatives Collective and to learn from so many other talented artists! Her work is inspired by the whimsy and beauty of regular life, spiced with her own creative embellishments. She works mainly in acrylic paints but dabbles in fabric arts, linocut printing, and digital design! She also works as an art instructor at Bottle and Bottega in downtown PDX.

PXL_20230908_231343143 - Kyla Ogle_edite

Kyla Ogle
xoko art

  • Instagram

Kyla Ogle is a mixed media artist based in Portland Oregon. Their work takes inspiration from the natural world and the fluidity of movement, focusing on the juxtaposition of hard lines and splashy colors.

IMG_8917 - Tatiana Phelan.JPG

Tatiana Phelan
GoldenRose Art

  • Instagram

The artist was born in in Bogotá, Colombia. She grew up watching her father paint and seeing him have a very spiritual connection with art as he has dedicated his life to art as a painter and sculptor. This inspired her to create and nurture her own love for art which has provided her with an incredible peace over the years.

 Her compositions are inspired by “Magical Realism” which is a narrative technique that weaves fantastic or mythical elements into seemingly realistic fiction. This concept was first introduced in literature by the Colombian Nobel prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who she has admired since her childhood.

riv_author_photo_v2 - River Kai.jpg

River Kai Pilger
River Kai Art

  • Instagram

River Kai is a thriller webcomic author turned sweet-but-spicy romance author. As a bisexual and transgender creator with disabilities, he specializes in Romance, LGBTQ+, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy fiction with mental health and disability representation, creating stories for readers like him to see they’re not alone. Between storytelling, River recharges his creativity by creating rainbow, fantasy, and space-themed crafts, including stickers, stickers, pins, bookmarks, jewelry, and more.

IMG_6411 - Krystle Saurus.jpeg

Krystle Rhines

  • Instagram

Krystlesaurus is a visual artist in Portland, Oregon. Her favorite holiday is Halloween and that shows in much of her work as she often paints skulls and horror icons, but also cute animals, too! In addition to creating art, she also teaches art classes at Vancouver Art Space.

Helen Robertson - Helen Robertson.jpeg

Helen Robertson
Seven Herons Studio

  • Instagram

Helen Robertson (Seven Herons Studio) is a Portland, OR artist who creates bold, vibrant paintings, illustrations, surface designs, and block prints inspired by animals, textiles, folk art, and music. Their style is pop art meets folk art by way of a DIY punk show. Helen is largely self- and community-taught, mixed with a bit of formal architectural training. They paint, print, and illustrate their work in their small home studio in the company of a cat and a dog.

IMG_1982 - Kirsten.jpeg

Kirsten Slane
Kdog Arts

  • Instagram

Kdog Arts is the passion project of queer artist and art teacher Kirsten Slane (aka kdog universe). She is originally from Southern California but loves living in the PNW and being surrounded by the incredible art of nature! She works with a wide range of media: paint, clay, beads, and fiber arts. She loves to create art that tells a story through bold colors and interesting characters and creatures. When kdog tells people what she does for a living, they tend to always look her up and down and say “ohh, that makes sense”.

IMG_0748 - k h.jpeg

Sleepy's Goods

Sleepy was created by a local LGBT+ female artist! Sleepy came to life in 2018, helping the creator through a low point in her life. Through Sleepy, she enjoys spreading messages of joy, mindfulness, and self-appreciation in hopes she can support others. She loves creating art that inspires positivity and enjoys working with fun bright colors. You may have noticed, she is also a huge fan of 90s to early 2000s cartoons and has gained a lot of inspiration through cartoons other millennials grew up with. She is proud to share Sleepy throughout Portland in the form of original art, mashups, stickers, apparel, and more! Thank you so much for supporting and checking out Sleepy!

  • Instagram
4CF5131C-D203-46E0-81A8-AC4958A289A9 - Becky Springer.jpeg

Becky Joan Springer

  • Instagram

Becky Joan Springer (she/her) is an “accidental” abstract painter, largely self-taught and still (un)learning. Creativity abounded throughout childhood and in school, but like so many others, her artistic expression took a backseat to the business of life. She was a longtime college educator working with marginalized communities and burnt out before picking up a paintbrush again in her 30s. When she followed the whispers and invited art back into her life as a daily practice, everything changed.

IMG_0466 - Charlie Tenenbaum.jpeg

Charlie "Thredd" Tenenbaum
Pill Joy

  • Instagram

Pill Joy is the creation of Thredd Tenenbaum (they/them), a disabled queer trans artist living in Portland. Thredd started Pill Joy in 2021 after they were unable to find any fun pill organizers for their medications. After making a few fun pill organizers for themself and their friends, word spread like wildfire and Pill Joy has been growing ever since. Everyone deserves a pill organizer that celebrates their personality, makes them feel good, and is just too fun to forget! Thredd is thrilled to to help people upgrade their self care routines and hopes you'll fall in love with Pill Joy!

4B4B371D-0017-4AB3-8782-6771D9789647 - Rachel Zasadni.jpeg

Rachel Zasadni
Vintage Embrace

  • Instagram

Vintage Embrace is illustration art created by Rachel Zasadni using fountain pen and ink. All works are inspired by the natural world and the simple joys in life. Art has always been a strong presence in Rachel's life, it is what centers her. She creates with a desire to evoke a smile in others.

Alison Dennis
Xtreme Twee

  • Instagram

Lara King
DeeDee & Shark

  • Instagram

Amber Orenstein
Studio 2is3

  • Instagram

Catherine Shelton
Good Enough Felting

  • Instagram

Kody Sparks
You're Doing Great!

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