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Screenshot_20231117-213841 (1) - Vicky Beaudry.png

Victoria Beaudry

Space Alien Creations

  • Instagram

Space Alien Creations is the artistic persona of Victoria Beaudry, who is a self taught artist that enjoys creating art using a wide range of media. She creates art that is inspired by her favorite things, such as; space, holidays, nature, and the unknown. Over the past couple of years she has perfected her tufting skills, dabbled into the world of digital art, brightened canvases with acrylic paint, and much more. She hopes you enjoy her artistic offerings and feel inspired to create art of your own!

B90228BA-E853-440C-BF05-310E1A7C201B - Trista Bender.jpeg

Trista Bender
Made by Trista

  • Instagram

Trista’s work is a collection of all her favorite things. A little glitter, a little shine a whole lotta love. She is whimsy, she is sparkle, she is the moment. It’s giving one of a kind, handmade, home decor.

312902838_10221466933172548_7102960940706323469_n - Darrah Culp.jpg

Darrah Culp

  • Instagram

Darrah Culp is inspired by the beauty and color found in nature and ordinary objects. Her art translates the beauty she sees onto canvas and paper with expressive brushstrokes and vibrant color by using acrylic and gouache paints.

IMG_20231104_105557_345 - Rebecca _ Craig Demeter.jpg

Rebecca & Craig Demeter
Backseat Window

  • Instagram

Backseat Window is the creative collaboration of Portland wood and fiber artists Rebecca and Craig Demeter. Together, they make woodburned, rayon-flocked acrylic paintings on reclaimed wood. Rebecca and Craig draw inspiration from 70s psychedelic art with a retro future vibe. Their colorful multitextural work explores consciousness, perception and connection to the natural and cosmic worlds.

pic of me - kayla juniper mae.jpeg

Kayla Juniper Mae

Inner Frog

  • Instagram

Kayla Juniper Mae (they/them) is an artist and the creator of Inner Frog. Much of their art draws from their experience of being queer, trans, and disabled. Their vision with Inner Frog is to make art for survivors, softies, and weirdos, often using colorful, empowering, and silly designs.

IMG_20240124_144555_294 - Lara King.webp

Lara King

DeeDee and Shark

  • Instagram

DeeDee & Shark (Lara Duren King) creates unique objects filled with humanity, imperfect yet beautiful, often weird or creepy, to enhance your everyday with warmth and fun.

20230407_193554 - Love Wootton.jpg

Love Naomi

Lovely Nonsense

  • Instagram

Love Naomi is a queer and chronically ill artist and creator who is new to selling work in Portland, Oregon. She is excited to be a part of the Variable Creatives Collective and to learn from so many other talented artists!

Her work is inspired by the whimsy and beauty of regular life, spiced with her own creative embellishments. 

She works mainly in acrylic paints but dabbles in fabric arts, linocut printing, and digital design! She also works as an art instructor at Bottle and Bottega in downtown PDX.

Aii Crafts Spring Collection 2021-109 - Aida Newman (Ai Newman).jpeg

Aii Newman
Aii Crafts

  • Instagram

Ai is a Queer Latina artist who loves create handmade accessories and illustrations focus on cute whimsical style, she use homemade cold porcelain to create every figure for the accessories. She focus on every detail to make the perfect accessories for you. 

PXL_20230908_231343143 - Kyla Ogle_edite

Kyla Ogle
xoko art

  • Instagram

Kyla Ogle is a mixed media artist based in Portland Oregon. Their work takes inspiration from the natural world and the fluidity of movement, focusing on the juxtaposition of hard lines and splashy colors.

riv_author_photo_v2 - River Kai.jpg

River Kai Pilger
River Kai Art

  • Instagram

River Kai is a thriller webcomic author turned sweet-but-spicy romance author. As a bisexual and transgender creator with disabilities, he specializes in Romance, LGBTQ+, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy fiction with mental health and disability representation, creating stories for readers like him to see they’re not alone. Between storytelling, River recharges his creativity by creating rainbow, fantasy, and space-themed crafts, including stickers, stickers, pins, bookmarks, jewelry, and more.

  • Instagram
Helen Robertson - Helen Robertson.jpeg

Helen Robertson
Seven Herons Studio

Helen Robertson (Seven Herons Studio) is a Portland, OR artist who creates bold, vibrant paintings, illustrations, surface designs, and block prints inspired by animals, textiles, folk art, and music. Their style is pop art meets folk art by way of a DIY punk show. Helen is largely self- and community-taught, mixed with a bit of formal architectural training. They paint, print, and illustrate their work in their small home studio in the company of a cat and a dog.

  • Instagram
Amanda Robinson Variable Creatives - Amanda Robinson.jpg

Amanda Robinson
Art by Amanda

Amanda is a recent Portland transplant seeking community with other creatives. An apparel graphic designer by day and an experimental artist off the clock, she works in a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, and printmaking. She's inspired by the outdoors, food, 90s nostalgia and the fantasy genre.

SJ1_7156-Edit - Cindy Thompson.jpg

Cindy Thompson

  • Instagram

Cindy (she/they) is a neurodivergent (Autistic, ADHD, OCD) and disabled (hEDS, POTS) artist, returning to digital and traditional art in 2023 after nearly a decade of not being able to create due to chronic pain and mental health struggles. Following several years of long fought-for diagnoses and treatment, she has been able to pick up her life-long passion for creating once again. Her work, primarily digital but dabbling in traditional medium as well, currently explores her view of adult femininity through a non-sexualized and gender-neutral lens. Her body of work, small but growing, is inspired by her dreamy, hyperactive imagination and remains intentionally soft as she finds solace and healing in her creative journey.

Profile Photo 01 - Laura Whittier (1).jpg

Laura Whittier
Trash Bear Studio

  • Instagram

Laura Whittier uses a photorealistic style to whimsically capture, illuminate and explore the human-nature interactional experience. She has transitioned to using only salvaged, recycled and handmade paints, binders and painting surfaces. Her goal is to create accessible, enjoyable work that simultaneously stimulates empathy for the natural world through self-reflection of the individual and collective, while respecting nature through the creation process itself.

3039B8B8-119C-4C8E-865A-C31F75E1C6D0 - Tina Yokoyama.jpeg

Tina Yokoyama
Trinkets by Tina

  • Instagram

Tina Yokoyama created Trinkets by Tina in 2020 as a creative late-bloomer who finally found her speciality in resin-made functional art. Inspired by nature, space, and all things fantasy, she uses textures, shapes and imagery to create whimsical decor and accessories. She strives to make each piece one of a kind and loves trying different art forms so you can look forward to seeing new collections of her work seasonally! 

DSC09351 - Mariko Yoshiwara.JPG

Mariko Yoshiwara
Riko Burns

  • Instagram

Pyrography, the art of burning wood. Riko Burns was born out of the journey into healing, from the burnout of being an inner-city public school teacher. Art was her anchor and she leaned into it! She finds joy in using her hands to create each unique piece, it's fun, limitless and expressive. Designing and creating customized burns is the greatest part of making her art, connecting and sharing through art. Reach out for your own burn or just to say hi! 

4B4B371D-0017-4AB3-8782-6771D9789647 - Rachel Zasadni.jpeg

Rachel Zasadni
Vintage Embrace

  • Instagram

Vintage Embrace is illustration art created by Rachel Zasadni using fountain pen and ink.  All works are inspired by the natural world and the simple joys in life.  Art has always been a strong presence in Rachel's life, it is what centers her.  She creates with a desire to evoke a smile in others.    

Catherine Shelton
Good Enough Felting

  • Instagram
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