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Current Exhibits

Gallery Hours:


12PM - 6PM

The gallery is free and open to the public.

Mega Minis

rotating collection

Screenshot 2024-03-26 4.08_edited.jpg

Explore a diverse range of mini artworks created by talented individuals in our community. Support local artists and maybe even take home a mini masterpiece of your own. All pieces are priced at $65 or less. There's something for everyone! All artwork is 4"x4".


group exhibit

April 5th-April 21st

Variable Creatives Art Show April 2024-60_edited.jpg

​A year ago we launched our first exhibit, Blossom, and we’re back for round two. This time around we're pleased to support Friends of Trees (@friendsoftrees), inspiring people to improve the world around them through a simple solution, planting trees, together.

This in-person event showcases the amazing work of local artists in our vibrant community. Come and immerse yourself in a world of color, expression, and inspiration. Support our artists and connect with fellow art enthusiasts. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the beauty and diversity of art right in your own neighborhood. 

​This open call exhibit features 65 works of nature-themed art by local artists. Each piece is 8"x8" and priced $95 or less with 25% of all sales being donated to Friends of Trees.

This show will launch on April 5th with "grab and go" purchasing. Buyers will take home purchased artwork at the time of the sale.

Twisted Tales

Artist: Yadnee Kohok

April 5th-April 21st


Twisted Tales is a collection of wire sculptures inspired by Mexican Calaveras. It was during a Halloween event at work that Yadnee first learned about El Día de los Muertos, the Mexican Day of the Dead. This was before the release of Pixar’s Coco. While Yadnee was already familiar with Indian rituals that honor ancestors, they are solemn affairs. In contrast, El Día de los Muertos celebrates ancestors with a cheerful explosion of colors. This celebration inspired Yadnee to create these wire sculptures, and she hopes they bring you as much joy as they brought her.



April 5th-April 21st

Variable Creatives Art Show April 2024-28.jpg

This installation was co-created with an amazing group of volunteers with pieces generously donated by Julia Rose, an Australian floral artist who we had the pleasure of assisting during the Portland Home and Garden show in February. 


This piece represents change and rebirth, giving life to this new gallery space and more shows to come.

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