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How It Works

Variable Creatives is a shared community art space. We work to bring art to the community in many forms and formats. No matter if you're attending an event or leading one, we aim to provide artistic outlets for all creators at every level.


Do you have a creative idea for an event that you want to bring to the community? Let us know! 

Don't wait for us to come up with what you're looking for. Make it happen! We're looking for creative individuals (or groups) who want to use our space for community art events. This is as much YOUR space it is ours. We can help you bring your idea to life, whether it's an exhibit, a community art project, a workshop or any other event that you want to organize. 

Email Mary at to schedule a creative meeting and jump start your idea.

Our Goals

  • To create an inclusive space where everyone feels welcome

  • To build community through networking events for artists of all levels

  • To offer a space where people can create freely

  • To highlight local art through pop-up events and exhibits

  • To facilitate creative ideas that bring art to the community

Meet The Owner

Mary Hlastala is the Owner/Director of Variable Creatives. She studied Illustration and Design at the Art Institute of Atlanta before earning a B.S. in Mathematics from PSU. After 6 years running a non-profit mentoring girls,  she wanted to create a community art space where others could bring creatives ideas to life. She is passionate about facilitating creative projects and building a space where art connects people to their community.

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